Friday, April 13, 2012

Kitchen Sink Links {4}

The internet is so crowded! I think I read that on Twitter, but, geeze, it sure felt crowded this week!

Instagram got bought for one billion dollars. 

The Department of Justice is suing Apple and publishers over e-books

Hillary Clinton is Texting Everybody

I know, I know, none of that is really food related but there's also turkey dome and a butter-dish shoe.

What was good on the webernet this week?
Amanda Hesser's Advice to Aspiring Food Writers  is solid.

Inside the Matzo Factory  is interesting.

There Will Be Cookies  is sweet and touching.

Frank Burni's piece on Craig Claiborne via the NYT is charming.

I think I'm staying away from the internet this weekend, but I'll miss you.

Have a fun Friday!

p.s. There is still a book to be won. 

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  1. Texts from Hillary cracks me up. I'm really sad that there won't be any more submissions. The combo "Hey Girl" and TFH one killed me!