Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thirsty Thursday | Meyer Lemon Mojito

Spring has come and gone in the South. No, really, we seemed to have bypassed winter and spring entirely and gone straight from fall to full on summer. Highs in the eighties, massive pollen, and thunder storms all before Easter.

This doesn't mean we should neglect the lovely edibles that brighten winter into spring: asparagus, ramps, strawberries, and sunny citrus. Oranges, clementines, lemons, and kumquats are all enjoying the would-be-spring at my house.

I first discovered Meyer lemons while baking at Colombia City Bakery, my first internship in culinary school. We whipped the juice into curd for filling danishes and tiny tarts. A Meyer lemon, supposedly a hybrid of a Eureka lemon and a mandarin, has a sweeter, more mellow juice than a lemon. Their thin fragrant skin has a slight orange tint and is lovely for zesting and saving for syrups or salad dressings. These little gems of the citrus family have a short season and are worth the extra money if you can get your hand on them.

I bought a few over the weekend in hopes of turning them into curd, but the days got away from me. Last night, we put a few to use in one of our favorite spring cocktail: the mojito. A lovely muddle of mint, sugar and citrus mixed with rum and a little seltzer, these Meyer lemon Mojitos are sweeter than their lime counterparts.

Meyer Lemon Mojito 
makes 1 lovely beverage

3 fresh mint leaves
1 Meyer lemon, juiced 
1 ounce muscovado simple syrup (see below)
1 1/2 ounces dark rum 
soda water 

Put the mint leaves in a old fashioned glass and gently muddle (a muddle works well, but a mortar or even a wooden spoon will too) - you want to bruise the mint and release some of its oils, but not smash to smithereens. As soon as the kitchen smells like mint, stop. Add a handful of ice, the Meyer lemon juice, simple syrup and rum and stir to combine. Top with soda water and enjoy.

Muscovado Simple Syrup: Combine 2/3 cup muscovado sugar with 2/3 cup water and bring to a simmer, stir until the sugar is dissolved. Cool before using. Dark brown sugar can easily be substituted.

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  1. I want one of these right now! I am definitely trying this.

  2. Ooooh this sounds DELICIOUS!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!