Tuesday, August 13, 2013

just a tip | use a cocktail strainer

I'm not usually a fan of tools that do double duty, most things that have more than one function do all those functions poorly. I am however a huge fan of finding new uses for tools I already have: case in point, the cocktail strainer. 

Somehow I am the own of three (three!) Hawthorne-style cocktail strainers which don't see a ton of use. I had a "a-ha!" this weekend while trying to drain a can of black beans without getting out my large colander - a cocktail strainer fit perfectly over a 16 ounce can and keeps all the beans in! 

You could also use this trick to pour some pickle juice out of the jar, without dumping all the pickles. Bonus - most cocktail strainers are dishwasher safe! 

For more on Hawthorne vs Julep Strainers: 
Cocktail 101: How to Use a Cocktail Strainer | Serious Eats 


  1. so, you, unlike Mr. Brown, like unitaskers? talk about opposites.

    1. HA! We are quite different - luckily he encourages us to have our own opinions. Though - to be fair - he'd never suggest you buy a coffee pot that doubles as a panini press, he'd suggest you buy one of each that does their job best and thats more of what I'm taking about.