Monday, March 19, 2012

Kitchen Sink Links {1}

Welcome to the ides of March, it's strawberry season; Here are some things worth reading, viewing, and eating from the week of March 12:

Irvin Lin's post on Google Plus for Food Bloggers caught my attention, so I joined Google + . I already Tweet, Tumble, Facebook, and Pin, so I'm not sure how there will be time for much else.

The piece on Cookbook Ghostwriters  from the NYT got a little backlash on Twitter. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a writer or an author, its be nice to see recipe developers get a little more credit - even if its on an acknowledgement page in the very back of the book. For the record - I'm not complaining - I've certainly been given credit where due and am fortunate to have good work relationships.

THIS VIDEO is an absolute must watch (dice = dice, c'mon!) and for a laugh this one too.

Go read Tami's post about Silence, Spring and Strawberries and then make her cake.

This weekend is a busy one, but I'd like to squeeze in a field trip to this place. Hmm a fried chicken field trip...

Happy Friday everyone!

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